Avoid the boring card send an eggplant mail to your loved one

The way people communicate has been completely transformed for better. Instead of a congratulatory card, best wishes card, and others, real eggplant mail is now the order of the day. Sending card is a now outdated way of communicating with friends. Most people usually find it boring to send or receive a greeting card. People now want an approach to communicating with each other more practical. The interesting thing about eggplant mail is that it can get to the receiver at the emotional level. That is why most people embrace it as the new form of communication on the internet.

Who to send an eggplant mail
Even as all know eggplant, the mailing prank is not suitable for everyone. Just as you can select the joke or comic play, you can share with people, so you can choose people you can send an eggplant to. Some group of people you can send eggplant message to through mail include:
• To that friend of yours you want to share a practical joke with
• To the person that shares humor with you
• To that your crush you are looking for a way to impress
• To your cherished lover, you want to see the smile
• To your enemy, you want to laugh at.
The easier way to send eggplant mail to a friend
The reason for the custom message on eggplant mail is to give you better opportunity to offer suitable message base on the person receiving the message. The message for someone that shares a sense of humor with you will be different from the one you want to send to your enemies. You can check the internet for list popularly used messaged for eggplant prank. Truly, when it comes to eggplant message, there are nonstop possibilities. That is why it is always hilarious when it is being sent to someone.

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