Best movies for the romantic in you

As we all know movies are a very important for our life and a lot of things we do are portrayed in the movies. We all like different kinds of movies because a lot of movies of different genres are made in the world of cinema. Usually, the normal audience or an average movie going audience loves to watch action movies, family entertainers and one genre that appeals to almost every age group and person is romantic movies. We all are crazy about the romantic movies because at the end of the day all we want from life is someone who loves and someone we can tell everything about ourselves.

We have few of the top rated romantic movies of all time and our own favourites that you should totally watch if you love to watch romantic movies as well. One movie that definitely stands out and an all-time favourite for a lot of people is Anne Hathaway starring One Day. This is a story of two people who love each other unconditionally even when they find it hard to like each other. With Rachel Portman’s shrilling music, this movie is one of the best romantic movies of all time as it shows the journey of two people and shows two people in love will end up together.

There are a lot of romantic movies that you can find on tornado movies . Movies such as the vow, 500 days of summer, titanic, La La Land are some great addition to romantic genre that you can easily find on tornado movies. There are a lot of movies such as popular chick flicks that you might also consider watching such as 37 dresses, hitch and so on to satiate your appetite for the romantic movies.

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