Choose most suitable dog training collar for your dog

There are many reasons for people to use dog training collars but mostly they use it to control behavior of their loving pet. There are six different kinds of dog training collars with some different special features from one another.

Pinch Collar

This collar may be recommended when you want that your pet do not pick any unwanted things from roadside. It can also restrict the pulling activity of your dog and don’t allow to heed distractions while moving in public places.
Choke Collar

The choke collars can be used in situation similar to pinch collar. This type of collar can maintain composure of your pet with other dogs on streets. The choke collar is only recommended for dogs with aggressive nature and big dogs, avoid the use of this collar on small dog and with those who have fragile neck.

Martingale collar

These collars are specifically made for dogs that have a smaller head than their neck. Matingale collars are made from nylon or fabric which forms a circle with a crescent shape at the back. It fits very loosely on the neck and remains comfortable.

Anti-Bark Collar

It is very clear from the name itself that it controls barking of your dog. A sensor is used in anti-bark collar that detect vibration created when a dog barks. A stimulus is given to your pet and this stimulus warns him not to bark again.

Invisible fence collar

As the name suggests that is an invisible fence which helps you to keep your dog in a particular area. When a dog tries to cross your electric boundary he will be deterred with vibration or a tone.

From the above listed dog training collar you can select a collar that you think can be useful for your dog training. But training your pet using these collars requires patience and safety of your dog is your responsibility.

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