Exam tips for complete preparation

We have been taught to study in an isolated place with no sound in the background. This way we get to learn more effectively. However, there are many strategies which don’t sound good but actually work. Here are some study tips to ponder upon.

• Listen to music while studying

Music is life hacks which help is important to refresh and alter our mood. Most students prefer to listen to music while doing some work. Researchers have shown that when you listen to music there is the release of dopamine, which is pleasurable. Therefore, students experience a calm atmosphere to study. Also, it helps to make an environment which is conducive to the task one wants to complete.

Researches have also shown that the students who study in background music get the better result than the students who study in the background noise of talkers, sneezers or traffic.

So taking an earphone along with your iPod can help you to cancel the disturbing noises. Though it is not the school hacks, it can be helpful at other time.

• Maths on your phone

Maths problems sometimes can be very hard to solve. Many struggles to find its solution and there are many who don’t get its concept properly. However, the only way to learn maths is by solving it as much as possible.

Many times, even after giving some attempts to your maths problem you don’t get the solution and you can’t access the teacher back to school. You can use your mobile phone to get it solved online. There are many apps which will help you not only to find the solution but to get the whole procedure of solving it. This way you can understand the solution and concept without seeking any tutor. Similarly, for other subject that has got complex problems, you can search it on the web and get the desired result.

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