How organizations can lower the cost of video production

Video always has a positive impact on a company’s marketing results. However, some organizations do not always have enough budgets to really take full advantage of video marketing. It is actually estimated that over 60% of B2B marketers spend less than $50,000 on video production a year. While more and more marketers are willing to spend more money on video production by hiring experienced Video production company London, many still continue to work with relatively limited budgets. The biggest advantage about video marketing is that an organization does not necessarily have to spend a lot of money to achieve big results.

There are many ways in which organizations can lower their cost of video marketing or video production. One way is through creating multiple videos. Creating multiple videos helps organizations to reduce their marginal cost. This can actually be effective if the multiple videos are created from the same film. In this case, a video production company can capture excess footage than the company actually needs to create one video edit. Producing two videos in this case would be less expensive than producing one video. But for this to be achieved, an organization needs to hire an experienced and creative video production company.

The Corporate video company will be in a position of advising the organization on the best way of taking full advantage of the budget and the captured footage. Secondly, organization can lower the cost of video production by looking for different areas where they can economize. Nowadays animation is becoming popular especially with online videos and generally has many benefits. If video animation is done correctly, it can be attention grabbing and fun. It is actually the organization’s imagination that is the only limit in what they can create animations. While animation is cheap, there are other types of animation that are quite expensive.

For example, a CGI style type of animation can be expensive. Rather, an organization should consider using 2D technology to create great animations to achieve the same advertising and marketing objectives at a small fraction of the cost. An alternative option would be to combine animation and live action. This option can be great if an organization wants to create, marketing video that technically looks sophisticated but cheap. A third option of lowering the cost of video production is to reduce the overall length of the corporate video. If an organization decides to create animated videos, for example, the most important thing to consider is the length of the videos.

The difference between a 60-second and 30-second animated video can be very significant in terms of cost and impact. The best way of economizing would be to reduce the length of the animated videos since shorter animated videos are usually effective. Shorter length marketing videos force an organization and corporate video production company to think critically about the benefits and features they must include in the video. They also force organizations to determine the most succinct method of presenting those benefits and features. The result is usually a video that maximizes consumer retention, is direct and more engaging.

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