Lekto wood fuels – heat logs at your disposal

Wood was until 1900 the most important source of heat used by man, however, due to the growth of thermal demand and to industrial progress the wood was replaced by other more powerful fuels. Even so, there are many people who think that wood is one of the best fuels and without a doubt, the most natural one besides wood belongs to renewable sources of energy.

This type of fuel is ideal to use as a source of energy for heating being that in rural areas it is easier to store large quantities of kiln dried logs to warm up in winter, however, in large cities this is more difficult.

It is for this reason that lekto wood fuels offers an alternative to the bark briquettes that are burned at a slow and fast fire indistinctly, providing a lot of heat log.

They are a great alternative for heating in large cities for its cylindrical shape of only 10 cm in diameter and one foot long, the logs for sale come in a presentation of 5 per package and some of them come already split this makes it much easier and practical both its storage and its use.

Its use is very easy and safe to light any log of wood, once lit you can adjust the flow of air depending on the amount of time you want to last or the intensity of heat you want to give to the stay, just one thing you should know when using bark briquettes as fuel and they expand when they burn so you must place them on the stove in such a way that its expansion does not generate pressure or damage to the boiler. The rest are only advantages since you can enjoy a very nice and economical heating since only one package yields twice as many burns.

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