List of Poker versions

Many versions of poker were developed soon after the game became popular. Some people like to play many different versions. But some people stick to same where they are.There are many other versions so, let us know few versions of poker below.

Oxford Stud Poker – In this version, they have combined the community cards with seven card stud. This is very interesting version because it is a blend of two most famous forms of poker. It has been most popular.

Follow the Queen – This is Seven Card Stud and seven players can play at a time. There will be 5 betting rounds in this version. For each player two down faced and one up faced card. In this also there are many versions like Black Mariah, chaos and Chase the Ace etc.

Cut down – This is known as 5-card game. While dealer distributing the cards each player will get 5 cards face down. In this game, there are two ways to play and they are Ante and Blinds. Before dealing with cards each player should pay predetermined ante.

Chinese Poker – It is also known as thirteen card game. The winning of this game will depend on the poker hand rankings. To win the money player need basic knowledge of poker hand rankings. So, beginners will be having the good chance to win in short period of time.

Poker 99 Online – poker 99 online is also one of the versions of poker in this 99 means to say that score should not exceed 99. Poker 99 online is a simple card game played over the internet. Single player can also play this poker 99 online.

Kuhn Poker – This version of poker is developed by Harold W. Kuhn. In this game, the deck will be having only three playing cards. For example, three playing cards are King, Queen and Jack. One card is deal with each player. On that, they will bet the money. If both players tell pass or bet, then the person who will be having the higher card that person will win.

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