Mother Daughter Solutions Offer Much Flexibility to Carts

Mother daughter tugger cart solutions are very much in vogue due to the ergonomics of the system and it lets a user to achieve more with lots of convenience. There are different Liftrunner systems like the B-frame, E-frame, C-frame and Linde tugger train for small carts. It can include one to six daughter carts in a single mother frame. The daughter carts can be easily taken out and placed on the shop floor and also these can be locked into the mother carts with considerable ease. Custom made mother frames are available that can be very advantageous for an application.

• There is much versatility in design – More than 2000 lbs can be easily transported through the daughter systems in a flatbed cart and in cases where these have to be pushed up a ramp, it is usually very easy. There are adequate arrangements in place to lift up the carts using pneumatic or hydraulic arrangements that can help transportation. When the carts are connected with a tow bar, the materials on top of it are just a few inches above the ground because it is only the caster wheels at the bottom and all these wheels move noiselessly around a factory.
• Welded carts are not at all desirable – Heavy duty industrial carts that are welded to each other may not produce the desired result because all the welding may not perform like a plug and play system in which it is easy to connect and disconnect the carts. Also, the possibility of mixing and matching amongst different carts is greatly inhibited that may not be desirable. Factories may need carts for certain different applications and that calls for flexibility in use. This can only be achieved when there is an option of connecting different carts together.
Hence, mother daughter carts are very highly desired by industries of all types and are used in a number of plants and factories around the here to get more information tugger cart system.

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