Pose nude and share them through snapchat sexting

People who are interested in live chatting and sexting are welcomed to the application of snapchat. Snapchat is a platform where people can share snaps or photos and videos with their friends and family. Now-a-days the platform is used only for sexual applications. The teens and the adults are the one who use this application the most. The snapchat texting is common at present. The application is very popular among the teenagers and adults looking for sexual satisfaction.

The application provides full security and privacy to the users. The users need to create an account using their email id or their phone numbers and create password to make the account safe and secure. The passwords can be changed time to time if the user wants so. Moreover the application provides a time limit of 10 seconds to watch the porn and nude photos.

After the 10 seconds the image and the video will be deleted permanently. The users may try out any kind of processes and activities but the images and videos will never generate after the 10 seconds. This facility has attracted many of the boys and girls to opt for the application. They can share their nude photos and videos fearlessly and openly.

A person can have as many as accounts they want. The accounts are made in more number to cheat the authorities as well as their friends and family. In fact they can chat with number of friends at the same time. Thus snapchat usernames are mostly made fake by the users. There are many disadvantages of these kinds of applications. The children get exploited by the applications.

The children use the application to know about sex and other sexually explicit contents. They get access to the live nude photos and videos of girls and boys along with different kinds of porn. Thus snapchat porn is getting viral.

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