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Do you want to be a calendar girl? Are you interested in a calendar girl profession? If yes, then you must know about the most selling bold models calendar – babe of the day. This calendar features a new model every day for a particular year. This calendar has the faces of hottest and bold models around the globe, and that’s the reason it’s mostly popular among men. Every girl who wishes to be a calendar girl dreams to get featured on babe of the day.

How to be the babe of the day?
• Height matters – let’s get this straight, height matters a lot in this profession. You should apply for babe of the day only if you are 5’8 and above. But if you don’t have a good enough height and still looking to try out your luck then make sure you are completely confident about your body, looks as well as posing well on 5 inch long heels.
• Start training as soon as possible – there is no soon or late when it arrives at becoming a calendar girl. You should push yourself to work out and train hard to be a calendar girl.
• The bikini body is your temple – if you desire to beat the top most models then get ready to do workout crazy and Train hard yourself to attain such body figure. You can eat everything but you have to do work out every day.
• Don’t be shy baby – whether you are wearing a bikini for the very first time or the last one, be natural and confident with yourself. Look yourself in the mirror and walk confidently without caring about the world around you.
• Get ready for paparazzi – if you’re a girl who doesn’t like being clicked or followed every time than this profession is not your cup of tea. Once you become a calendar girl for babe of the day, you are no less than celebrity. You would be followed by a bunch of photographers’ right after you get out of your house.
Follow the above steps to be the babe of the day.