Termite Inspection: Tips to Inspect Termites in Your House

Though termite helps in balancing ecological environment but it does not beneficial for your home. To kill the termites or to protect your house from them you need to do termite inspection in your house properly at least once a year. You may think it’s not an easy work to do, but if you know the tricks to do the inspection, then you’ll win the war against termite.

Termite inspection:

As inspecting termites is a messy and tricky work, so you will need some basic important things as a disposable coverall suit and a pair of gloves. You will also need a good flashlight and a screwdriver or an object like this to probe any wooden area. The areas where you need to search for the termites to do termite treatment are like-

1. All the wooden areas mainly the basement area and any wooden furniture there.

2. The doors and windows and their frames.

3. Every joint where concrete and wood meets.

4. The wooden fence and the extra woods in the garden.

Termite damages:

Termites are found in dark and humid places. Termites not only damage the wooden furniture but it damages wall, floor, tiles, roof as well as your garden. There are many kinds of termites. And they all have a different way of living and making way to their food source that is the wood. The indication of termite damage is like:

1. Mud tubes: while inspecting search for the termites you will find tubes like structure made of mud.
Subterranean termites make their nest in soil and then make those mud tubes to the wooden source.

2. Damage woods: if there are no mud tubes but the wood wall is cracked and when tapped makes a hollow sound then the wall is infested and needs termite control. When you probe the affected wood surface with the screwdriver, you will find the termite tunnel inside that.

3. Shredded wings: the initial stage termites include those wings, and they shred them when they become bigger. If you find a pile of those wings near your window or near a light source, then there are termites in your house.

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