The fashion of adorning the body with a chiangmai tattoo

In the middle of the 20th century, a movement began among the youth that changed the course of history. New styles were implemented in the way of dressing, hair, makeup and in the way of wearing ornaments. Each time there were more necklaces, earrings, bracelets, glasses, caps, etc., that complemented the attire of young people, becoming an important part of the dress.

As the decades passed, new accessories emerged, piercings (earrings) began to be worn on various parts of the body and was complemented by the introduction of tattoos, which gave a different, aggressive and avant-garde touch to youth.

The tattoo starting in an era of body design that became fashionable, beginning to appear tattoo shops as another option to be within the guidelines that marked the styles. Most of the young people got tattoos that they still carry with them since that time it was increasing and nowadays it is very normal to see people carrying drawings of different shapes and colors on their skin.

Thanks to this impulse, the best tattoo studio chiang mai was created in northern Thailand. Since 2016 a couple of entrepreneurs started the way to make a quality tattoo thai and provide a 5-star service in the Panumart Tattoo store, with a staff specialized in the techniques of, which will leave you satisfied and with a tattoo chiangmai.

At Panumart Tattoo, they strive to serve their clientele, as if they were in their own home. Because it is a family business, it is located in a house surrounded by nature, with stunning views of the Thai landscape. In addition, its facilities are clean and pleasant, have the right materials and careful handling of the rules to sterilize the utensils, so you will have a tattoo chiang mai that will not represent risks to your health.
It’s time to be fashionable and make an impressive Chiangmai tattoo. Live this experience, you will not regret it!

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