Virotherapy as a stage 2 melanoma treatment

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. Its function is to protect all internal organs of the body from external agents. It also prevents excessive fluid loss, regulates body temperature, protects us from UV rays and helps produce vitamin D.
It is divided into two layers, the dermis and the epidermis, represented in the lower layer and the upper layer. There are several types of cells in the epidermis of the cells we can name melanocytes, squamous and basal cells.

These melanocytes are the cells that unfortunately can turn into melanomas.
Melanoma cancer is also known as cutaneous Melanoma and can occur anywhere on the skin, although the most common is that it occurs in the trunk in men and in the legs in women,
There are several treatments to treat this type of cancer, but today there is a very effective immunotherapeutic treatment called Oncolytic Virotherapy that involves attacking cancer cells using a unique virus that detects and removes malignant cells from the tumor in a person’s body. It is normally used to treat melanomas with a high risk of intermittency and metastasis.
Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic is an organization whose mission is to care for their patients throughout their fight against cancer. It is the first medical center of high excellence worldwide in the treatment of Oncolytic Virotherapy.
It is located in a tourist resort in Latvia in the Baltic Sea. They make a complete diagnosis to identify if the patient should be in Stage 1 melanoma treatment or in stage 2 melanoma treatment. This location depends on the degree of progress of the disease.
They offer medical care with the highest quality and humanity, balanced and nutritious meals, comfortable bedrooms and private environments.
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