Why designers, retailers and consumers rely on fashion shows

The popularity of fashion shows has been increasing in recent times, largely attributed to the need to showcase new fashion designs and styles. Basically, fashion shows are very important in the fashion industry since designers, manufacturers, retailers and customers all rely on these shows for different reasons. For example, fashion designers depend on fashion shows to forecast trends. According to Ariane Slinger, a fashion designer will visit several manufacturers or trade shows to select trims and fabrics. The designer will then conduct adjustments and fittings on their design samples and then market the end product to clothing retailers.

While the designer has many options of marketing the end product, the designer is more likely to choose fashion shows. Designers choose fashion shows because they give them a platform of communicating their new designs and styles to retailers. A fashion designer’s main goal is to inspire target audience in the hopes that the audience will purchase their products. This is why designers choose fashion shows to forecast trends and inspire their target audiences. According to Ariane Slinger, these fashion shows can basically help designers to express their talents and creative skills in designing different types of clothes.
At fashion shows, individual talents of designers are exposed and in turn, the designers get the chance of promoting their creations. Retailers also take advantage of fashion shows because they help them gain different views on various clothing designs and styles. Fashion retailers gain a lot of knowledge from these fashion shows since the knowledge helps them to incorporate new and vibrant ideas into their shops or boutiques. According to Ariane Slinger, consumers also attend fashion shows to get information about the latest fashion trends and how they can improve their fashion tastes. Through these shows, they can get enough knowledge on which clothing items to buy and which items will improve their image.

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