Why Small Businesses Need Proximity Marketing Beacons?

In this context, Small Businesses means businesses that aren’t worldwide & the businesses that are regional. Do they really need proximity marketing beacons? They do if you want your business to flourish. Businesses like stores, shops, stalls, restaurants etc. These are the kind of businesses that need proximity beacons.

Why? Is it impossible for a business like this to survive without a beacon? What does it do? How does it help flourish the business? All these questions will be answered in this article. If you have a business like the ones mentioned above then you will understand the necessity of this beacon.
How Do Proximity Marketing Beacons Work?
• Proximity beacon is a small wireless device.
• You create or choose the message you wish to broadcast and how far.
• Once the device is activated it sends that message to all the nearby iOs & Android devices.
• You can reach a wider in your own city if you do it right.

Why Do You Need It?
• The primary goal of a Proximity beacon is to spread awareness about a new or existing business, service etc.
• Advertisements? Yes, they are a common choice but ask yourself if you ever listen to ads or care about any ads. Most of the people do not.
• That is why it’s essential that you use a Proximity Marketing Beacons.
• With proximity beacons, you make people aware of your business. When people are aware that the service or product you provide is near the house, they remember that.
• Using beacons, you can tell people what do you provide? How is it the best? And how convenient is it for the customers?
• When it’s a phone message, 90% of the people read it.
By now, you should know the necessity of Proximity Marketing Beacons for a business. If you do not, try it and judge for yourself