Yoni eggs, a pleasant millenary practice

Since ancient times there has been a jewel capable of giving many benefits to women who have used it, the yoni egg , jade egg or also called egg of love, is a semiprecious stone carved in the shape of an egg to be used inside the vagina. Wonderful when it comes to performing your Kegel exercises.
Yoni means in Sanskrit “sacred space”, and it is said that its symbol was venerated in oriental cultures for giving life, creativity, and love, but lacking in appreciation and recognition, despite the creative power that this magical part of the female body possesses.

It is estimated that this practice has existed for more than 5,000 years. The empresses and concubines of the Royal Palace of China used them to access sexual power to increase their sensuality and stay healthy. Knowing the benefits of such a practice was restricted only to members of the royal family or to Taoist practitioners.
Yoni eggs are powerful, they provide a lot of benefits among which we can count that increases libido and awakens your sensuality. It balances estrogen levels and increases natural lubrication even after the onset of menopause. It helps to tighten the vaginal walls, helping the tissues and muscles also wake up, and with it the growth of new nerves which will make the sensitivity also increase, leading it to experience new sensations, such as reaching a vaginal orgasm, reasons to include them in your kegel exercises women.
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To start we recommend the black egg of Obsidiana Yoni, or the beautiful Yoni Egg Amethyst made with stones of the highest quality, you can buy them in any of their sizes.Your kegel exercises egg to strengthen the muscles of your vagina and you will get stronger orgasms and more circulation in the area. Connect with your physiology and free spirit. Check the positive effects that this millenary practice brings to your life.

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